Mayaboti Spurgu

Crappy art with a sprinkle of Oversharing


How I imagined Lorelei from the creepypasta "The Girl Who Lives Inside My Wall" by The_Paranormologist to look like.


Cat game


Cat game.

moon -

Justice for George Floyd
Justice for Regis Korchinski-Paquet


I made a sketch of my best friend, but I was so focused I forgot to step back and check for any mistakes. After going over the sketch with a pen I realized I got his face all crooked, and weirdly square too.

I love drawing on wooden surfaces, specially desks.

I don't know what a cat looks like

Progress pic 26.05.12 vs. 24.03.20

Progress pic 26.05.2012 vs. 24.03.2020

A quiet late morning

I'm kind of disappointed at the final result after the last painting. I really need to take some lessons in color theory.


Something beautfiul after so long

Maybe Gods a woman?

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naiad -

I love the moon. She's always been there for me

Art of different kind

A work in progress.

I'm having an art block right now and decided to venture into other forms of handicraft for the time being.

megafauna -

imagine completing one project

Some fruit flavored Fashion Illustration

na-za-adaishuddin -

Your art is so pretty! Everytime I see it my mind is blown ^_^